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Come on in, the water’s fine. Brisk, but refreshing—just like Shoulder Season. In it, a young Kay Kerby inherits her family’s lodge on Lake Michigan, but finds she’s not prepared for a lot of things—including an economic crash, and a new generation of guests. Can her one lodger convince her that Kerby Lodge is a diamond-in-the-rough fixer upper? If so, she may have a fighting chance.

Water Dance, the next book in the Lake Michigan Lodge Story series is coming mid-February 2020 (fingers crossed!). In fact, you can read the first chapter of Water Dance in a blog post below, and get a taste of Kay’s adventures after Shoulder Season.

My characters are wildly imperfect just like you and me. As they navigate the bumps and bruises of life—even the ones they brought on themselves—they are full of hope and humor. Because it’s never too late to live an amazing life, is it?


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Lakes, Lodges and Life

Read my latest blog posts, with thoughts on my favorite things – lake living, rustic lodges and the writers life. Because we all need to get away to the lake every once in a while, or to a story that transports us there.

Read the First Chapter of Water Dance

Water Dance A Lake Michigan Lodge Story CHAPTER 1   "Better lake than never!" KERBY LODGE GUEST BOOK     “Merci beaucoup, Señor,” I said to Luke. Luke set a warm cup of Swiss chocolate on the desk in our hotel room where I was sitting, then went to lie...

Work Writing Like a Job

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been inspired to write. From morning till night I have always had a constant stream of letters, headlines, dialogue, jokes and book ideas running through my head. Trouble is, that’s where most of it stayed! Over the years I’ve...

Swim Safe in Lake Michigan

HGTV Beachfront Bargain Hunt is a guilty pleasure with early morning coffee. The still blue saltwater of their tropical locations looks so pretty, but I know I’d be disappointed. The air is no doubt warm, and the water, warmer. But you can give me a cold and bracing...

Why a Lake Michigan Lodge Story?

I write about the tourist lodges and resort towns of the Great Lakes because there is no place like them on earth, and I love them.

A bit of history: Back in the early 1800s, the population of Michigan exploded tenfold as the auto industry and mines required many laborers…

Great Lakes Gallery

I thought I’d share a few photos to show why I love this part of the world so much.