Meet the Wild Wests!

Have you ever made a snap judgment based on the way someone looked—only to have your opinion completely change? Yeah, me too. This past Spring, during the current health crisis, I had to wonder how a quarantine might create the perfect scenario for two people to be forced into a second chance.

In Her Quarantined Cowboy, Kat Tate and Gunnar West are not impressed with the other, or the friend who set them up on a blind date. He’s a rough-around-the-edges Neanderthal, or so Kat thinks, and definitely not the plus one she’s been looking for. As for Gunnar, all he can see when he picks up the pretty doctor is a neon sign above her head that reads “not the mother of my children.” But when Kat has to lock down the little Wyoming hospital with Gunnar caught inside, sparks fly. He lets her know that he owns half the town, and donated the hospital itself, yet Kat can’t allow him to break the rules and leave. With nothing else to do but work together to make the best of a bad situation, everything begins to turn around. Kat starts to notice qualities in Gunnar that she admires; while at the same time, his respect for Kat grows as he sees how she takes control in a community crisis. As their romance starts and then reaches a crossroad, they begin to realize they are not only trapped inside with each other, but with their own ghosts—and pasts that threaten to keep them apart.

I’m so excited about The Wild Wests series, and Gunnar West’s story is a great beginning. You’ll meet Gunnar’s brothers, Pike and Colton, and their father, Ridge West. These men, whose ancestors settled Wyoming, each have compelling stories of their own that I can’t wait to share with you. You’ll also meet Justice Kemp, the long-time ranch cook. And Ash Gibson, a young thief who also gets caught in the quarantine. Along with a host of other folks from the town of West Gorge.

Give Her Quarantined Cowboy a try, and reach out to me. I love to hear from you.


  1. Elaine

    Loved The Quarantined Cowboy, Kathy! The characters were fun and believable. The love story you created was just what I needed to relax and take me away for a few hours! Keep writing….

    • Kathy Fawcett

      Elaine, this is so good to hear, and thanks for taking the time to write. I’m knee deep in the next installment, Pike’s story, and I’m just falling in love with the Wests more and more.

  2. Jolie Wheaton

    I just wanted to thank you for writing books that I can read and just feel happier/ better/ hopeful. Thank you.


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